The Classic Pontiac

1942 Pontiac

1942 Pontiac
1942 Pontiac Torpedo Six Four-Door Sedan

Most notable on the 1942 Pontiacs was the addition of end caps to the front fender that extended the fender line onto the door. "Speed Lines" on front and rear fenders were accented with chrome trim.

The headlights were farther apart and the hood lengthen to ride over the cowl up to the windshield. The Center grille had a center bar topped with a large round emblem. The center grille section was flanked by vertical grille bars extending across the width of the car. Parking lights were in the top molding of these outer grille sections.

Introduced in September 1941, all Pontiacs manufactured after December 15, 1941 were fitted with "blackout trim". All previously chromed parts were painted Duco Gun-Metal Gray.

Production ceased on February 10, 1942 so that Pontiac could devote its full production capacity to the war effort.