The Classic Pontiac

1939 Pontiac

1939 Pontiac
1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six Four-Door Touring Sedan

A new economy class Quality Six (Series 25) was added to the Pontiac line-up for 1939. The car was constructed with a Pontiac front end on a Chevrolet A-body. The Silver Streak theme was still present, but with horizontal grille bars presented in body color on either side. Two die-cast chrome grilles were inset into the fender aprons. Rumble-seat and four-door convertibles disappeared from Pontiac's offerings.

The windshields on the Deluxe Six and the Deluxe Eight were 3 inches deeper (along with the rest of the windows) than that on the Quality Six and "improved vision" was the advertised benefit. The Deluxe Six and the Deluxe Eight were essentially the same car with minor variations in trim and identifying emblems.

Column shifters became standard.