The Classic Pontiac

1937 Pontiac

1937 Pontiac Deluxe Six Coupe
1937 Pontiac Deluxe Six coupe

In 1937 Pontiac, for the first time, went with an all steel body...there was no structural wood to be found anywhere in the car. They also no longer shared the Chevrolet A body but instead went with the B body used by Oldsmobile, LaSalle and small Buicks. The Deluxe 6 (Series 26) now rode on a 117 inch wheelbase with overall length of 193 inches. Deluxe 8's wheelbase tracked at 122 inches with overall length being 198.

Both Sixes and Eights were still of the inline, L-head configuration. However the six had been bored to 3-7/16 inches and stroked to 4 inches giving a cubic inch displacement of 222.7. This bumped the brake horsepower by 4, now rated at 85.

The eight cylinder engine received similar upgrades: the bore increased to 3-1/4 inches, stroke increased to 3-3/4 inches giving total cubic inch displacement of 249.9. This boosted brake horsepower ratings from 87 in 1936 to 100 hp for 1937.

Styling-wise, the 1937 Pontiac hood-line was higher, and the radiator narrower with the Silver Streak moldings still running over the hood and down the front. The vertical barred Silver Streak section of the grille was surrounded with horizontal-barred side grilles in four segments. A fifth segment at the top ran down the sides of the upper edge of the hood. Headlights were now mounted onto the fenders. A raised panel on the tailing edge of the front and rear fenders added to the "streamline" effect.

A woodie station wagon was introduced.