The Classic Pontiac

1934 Pontiac

1934 Pontiac
1934 Pontiac Series 603 two-door convertible cabriolet

1934 brought longer (and heavier) Pontiacs. The cars had a 2-1/2 inch longer wheelbase with 6 inches added to the car's overall length. This made the cars about 300 pounds heavier so some extra oomph was added to the straight eight engines. Improved carburation and a beefier compression (now 6.2:1) boosted brake horsepower to 84 @ 3800 rpm. A "Gaselector" was added to the distributor which permits fine tuning the timing under road conditions.

Styling for 1934 includes a hood that was 7 inches longer, longer bullet shaped headlights and horizontal hood louvers. Dubonnet-type independant front suspension was added featuring "knee-action springing."

A 1935 Pontiac convertible was chosen as the "Official Speedway" car at the Indianapolis 500.