The Classic Pontiac

1933 Pontiac

1933 Pontiac
1933 Pontiac 2 Door Sedan

In 1933 Pontiac dropped the sixes and introduced the 223.4 cubic inch displacement inline L-head 8. While smaller than the Oakland V8, the Pontiac 77 brake horsepower inline 8 proved to be smoother running and therefore easier to sell.

Dubbed the 601 Series, the more streamlined design featured fender lines that blended into the running boards. "Sweep" designs molded into the fender sides underscored the streamline design. The rear of the car culminated in a slight reverse curve that added to the car's sleekness. Four verticle louvers assisted with ventilation of the engine compartment. The Roadster was reintroduced for the last time.

The windshield and vent windows now featured safety glass.