The Classic Pontiac

1930 Pontiac

1930 Pontiac
1930 Pontiac Sedan

Pontiac for 1930 was primarily the product of a radical shift into a "survival" mode following the stock market crash in October 1929. The number of Pontiacs manufactured was tightly controlled, and very few were kept in inventory. Pontiac dealerships were reduced from 4,546 in 1929 to 2,680 by the end of the year.

Design changes for the 1930 model year were minimal. The most obvious being the addition of a belt molding that began just behind the radiator and continued to accent the cars lines. The molding branched across the cowl and widened under the windows, and continued around rear of the car. A Custom Sedan and Sport Coupe body styles were added.

Mechanically, several improvements were made. Plugs were added to piston wrist pins to improve on piston fit. Ribbing was added to crankcase that reduced vibration, as did rubber four-point motor mounts. A semi-automatic starter was added.