The Classic Pontiac

1928 Pontiac

1928 Pontiac
1928 Pontiac 4-door sedan

1927 proved to be the second banner year for Pontiac, and proved that the marque would be around for some time. 1928 showed some major design changes. The effect of some of these design changes is the perception that the car was bigger. A higher, narrower radiator, a deeper roof and a higher belt line all contributed to this effect.

A new Stewart-bodied four-door sport Phaeton was added to the line-up and the Sport Cabriolet was now deemed the Sport Coupe. The Indian Chief on the hood was now replaced with an Indian brave. Disc wheels were added to the options list.

Mechanically, the 1928 Pontiacs were greatly improved. Mechanical brakes on all four wheels improved stopping ability. An AC brand fuel pump and fuel filter, more efficient cylinder head with a higher compression ratio, improved manifolds, and a cooling system thermostat enhanced performance and reliability.

For the second half of 1928, Pontiac added a four-door 5-passenger Landaulette. The Carter one-barrel carb was replaced with a Marvel one-barrel version and the engine put out 48 brake horsepower. Beefier 10-spoke artillery wheels were added.